Small Business Gives Price Transparency a Thumbs-Up

Coalition for Responsible Business Finance Supports SMART Box

WASHINGTON D.C. - October 24, 2016—The Coalition for Responsible Business Finance (CRBF) applauds the development of SMART (Straightforward Metrics Around Rate and Total cost) Box released today by the Innovative Lending Platform Association (ILPA).  This model lending disclosure, developed by ILPA members, OnDeck, Kabbage, and CAN Capital adds an enhanced level of price transparency to the Non-Bank Small Business (NBSB) lending and finance sector and will make it easier for small business owners to understand contract terms and compare pricing across a broad range of finance options.

The SMART Box presents a table of standardized pricing comparison tools and explanations, including the total cost of capital, annualized percentage rate (APR), and average monthly payment.  To find out how the SMART Box works, click here or visit

“Disclosures developed by OnDeck, Kabbage, and CAN Capital for ILPA, are a positive development in enhancing price transparency to the NBSB finance sector,” said Tom Sullivan, CRBF Executive Director and longtime small business advocate.  “We are glad ILPA solicited our input and listened to advice from small business leaders on our Advisory Board in developing the SMART Box.  Most importantly, CRBF welcomes ongoing dialogue with the ILPA on advancement of industry-wide best practices.” 

While price transparency is an important aspect of any market, CRBF believes that raising standards of business practices through industry-wide best practices like those adopted by CRBF this summer, are critical for building trust and credibility with small business borrowers and an ethical marketplace for NBSB credit products.

CRBF’s membership represents the broadest cross-section of the Non-Bank Small Business (NBSB) financing sector, including data analysis and credit reporting, direct lending, merchant cash advance, and commercial finance contract servicing.  These diverse businesses are directed by an Advisory Board comprised of representatives from several small business advocacy organizations.

CRBF was created by leaders in the lending industry to bring together the small business community and the NBSB sector to engage with policymakers, to effectively solve industry challenges, and ensure fair, robust access to capital for small businesses.

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